Adore Superior Remy Weft in Classic Colours are simply beautiful human hair extensions. For quality human hair extensions in a range of natural looking classic colours, then Adore Superior Remy Weft human hair extensions are the obvious choice. Adore human hair extensions are renowned within the hair and beauty industry for withstanding frequent washing, preventing shredding and capable of being manipulated into many styles. Change your hairstyle or transform your hair colour with these gorgeous human hair extensions from Adore. What’s more, with the right maintenance and aftercare they’ll last you for many months. These human hair extensions are superior in every way, not just in name: Adore products source only the finest human hair for their human hair extensions and their Classic Colours range means you have the widest choice of colours available and of premium quality. These human hair extensions are natural looking, strong and leave you with a head of hair that’s full of vitality. If you want human hair extensions that transform the way you look and give you the edge, then choose Adore Superior Remy Weft human hair extensions. Vivid colours, wild colours, natural colours, with Adore Superior Remy Weft hair extensions you have complete control and choice over the way you look.

They’re double drawn and cuticle retained too, so you can have complete confidence in wearing human hair extensions that are the same length, face the same direction and will see you through working days and evenings out. What Classic Colour will you go for? What style will you choose? Adore Superior Remy Weft human hair extensions in Classic Colours give you hair that’s rich in body, thicker and fuller looking with plenty of bounce and shine. 

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