Adore Extensions Bond Remover is used by salon professionals to safely remove keratin or silicon hair extension glue. Once your hair extensions have been in for several months, they start to lose their body, volume and that natural look. Adore Extensions Bond Remover can be used in the home and is used in many salons to remove the residue caused by hair extension glue. If not treated correctly, extension glue can cause damage to your hair and make it harder the next time your hair extensions are re-applied. Extension glue also needs to be completely removed and your hair free from any trace of the extension glue before your next trip to the salon. Adore Extensions Bond Remover is the perfect antidote for removing traces of extension glue, leaving your hair primed and ready for your next application of hair extensions or other treatment. Non-toxic, safe to use and renowned within the hair extension industry for the complete removal of extension glue, reach for Adore Extensions Bond Remover the next time you wish to remove or replace your hair extensions. If you want a bond remover that’s easy to use, convenient and leaves your hair ready for its next beautiful transformation, then Adore Extensions Bond Remover is the product to trust to eliminate hair extension glue. Say goodbye to traces of hair extension glue and say hello to your next gorgeous look with Adore Extensions Bond Remover.

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