Beauty Works Gold Double Weft extensions are designed to be much stronger and more secure than other weft extensions. Using only virgin hair, the double weft is unique in that it eliminates shredding and means that salon professionals can apply weft extensions better and faster than ever before. These are quite simply the pinnacle of hair extension technology. With the right maintenance and aftercare, Beauty Works Gold Double Weft extensions with virgin hair are reusable for multiple applications in the salon and will last for many months. Beauty Works Gold Double Weft extensions with virgin hair guarantee both natural shine and vitality and remain tangle free throughout their lifetime – so that you can get on with your life free from worrying about your hair. The virgin hair that’s used in Beauty Works Gold Double Weft extension technology is processed to ensure that they face the same direction from root to tip and that the protective cuticle layer remains absolutely intact. Because Beauty Works Gold Double Weft extensions with virgin hair are both cuticle retained and hand selected, they represent the finest quality and example of 100% Remy human virgin hair extensions on the market.

Any virgin hair of shorter length is removed by technicians during manufacture and all the virgin hair used is hand selected – resulting in hair that’s fuller looking and thicker from every angle. Double drawn and so the ultimate in luxury, Beauty Works Gold Double Weft extensions are super thick with more virgin hair but less weft. The unique lace design and double weft have been tried and tested by hair extension industry experts. A design that is both unique and has been expertly tested, virgin hair that’s hand selected, extensions that are beautiful, maximize volume and that look thicker, shiny and 100% natural: For double weft extensions with virgin hair that are balanced, perfectly uniform and for beautiful, healthy virgin hair, then Beauty Works Gold Double Weft extensions with virgin hair are the way to go.


Designed to maximize volume Beauty Works GOLD double weft is a revolutionary new weft design unique to Beauty Works. Our thickest hair extension weft yet, compacting 150g of Double Drawn remy hair onto a flat double wefted lace design. Tried and tested by respected hair extension experts in the industry our unique lace design allows the hair to be double wefted onto a lace weft to create super thick extensions with more hair but less weft.

Double drawn:

The double drawn hair is ultimate luxury, specifically processed by hand to ensure all hair lengths are the same length, resulting in thicker, fuller looking hair from every angle. Virgin hair is hand selected and all shorter hair lengths are removed by our technicians. Guaranteed perfectly uniform hair which is balanced and gives the illusion of beautiful healthy hair.

The hair:

Beauty Works GOLD Remy Hair is the finest quality of 100% remy human hair extensions. Hand selected and cuticle retained our virgin hair is specifically processed to ensure that the protective layer of the cuticle remain intact and are facing the same direction from root to tip. Ensuring natural shine and vitality allowing the hair to behave tangle-free throughout its lifetime. Reusable for multiple salon applications our remy hair can be reapplied and will last many months with the correct aftercare and maintenance.

Beauty Works delivers only the best in hair extension technology.Designed to be more secure and stronger than other weft extensions on the market, our unique double weft prevents shredding and allows salon professionals to apply weft extensions even faster with the GOLD Double weft system.

Colour California Blonde 613/16
Hair Weight No
Per Bond No
Grade No
Hair Type No
Length 18"

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